Lang & Walker Engineering

Jake cutting to customers specs

LANG and Walker Engineering Pty Ltd have been an integral part of Warwick’s community, serving industries and companies since the early 1940’s. The workshop has moved to the new shed at Hope’sBody Repairs on McEvoy Street. According to former owner Alan Lang, Lang andWalker Engineering provide services to primary and secondary industries, as well as supplying the repair and
manufacture of machine parts.

“Quality manufacturing is a service that is disappearing from the community,” Mr Lang said.
“It’s the one-off making of parts that aren’t available anymore. The need is becoming greater because the economic conditions in this area are declining slightly. Replacement machines can be very expensive, and people have the need to maintain their
existing machinery.” Mr Lang said in these times, the average farmer usually had one relatively good tractor. “They can’t just go out and buy a new machine in every job they do,” he said.

“Ninety per cent of the time we can actually manufacture the part if we can’t order it.”

Mr Lang said the increase of imported machines could also mean they were not suited to Australian
conditions as well as locally-made products. “In Europe they don’t have contour banks in their farming conditions,” he said.
Lang and Walker Engineering call themselves a “non-specialised specialisation” business as they also focus on precision machine diagnostic and repair as well as hydraulic hoses and cylinder repairs.

“We are dependant from the local area,” Mr Lang said.

“There are not a lot of workshops around and there is a loss of skills and drain of skills to the mining industry.”

Professional lathe work & milling
Manufacture & repair of machine parts
for earth moving, agriculture, industry, mining & commerce

For all your Hydraulic hoses
and cylinder repairs